Never Too Late… Although it’s History.

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History was my weakest subject in secondary school (apart from Physics). I preferred Geography because it wasn’t hardwork to imagine the vastness of Earth of which I could travel to and marvel at amazing things and places. I think I can give credit to Geography for the love of travelling heavily carved in my heart now. ;)

Anyway, back to History. Being one of my weakest subjects, what I learned didn’t make much sense then. But they do now. I guess it’s never too late to acquaint myself with the history of my homeland. Why the change of heart? The recent, heart-breaking incident back home has triggered this ‘emergency’ reaction and I take it seriously.

Apart from reading news from reliable sources online, I managed to borrow a book on ‘A history of Modern Sabah’ by K.G. Tregonning from the university library. I’m utterly relieved to find it here. Now I just have to juggle my reading time between this book, my literature review and writing, and reading my novels! :mrgreen:

Baking and I: The Lost Love, But Found Again

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Back home, whatever interests I had for baking when I was an undergrad student in the 90s, fizzled and eventually disappeared when I started working. I guess, it wasn’t on top of my priority list so the baking stuff and the tiny oven became a white elephant.

Since coming to NZ, I have fortunately re-discovered the love for baking. I initially attempted with easy recipes, eventually tried ‘harder’ ones then ventured into decorating. I am still very much a novice in baking but I can say I’m much better now than I was before. :mrgreen: The current favourites and carrot cake, custard cake, moist chocolate cake, double chocolate chips muffin and buttery butter cake.

Baking is like a therapy for me. It allows creativity to flow and it is calming. After an intense time reading and writing in the office, it’s always refreshing to do totally the opposite. ;) It’s a bonus when hubby, the kids and friends enjoy my cupcakes too. :mrgreen:

Those Heartwarming Angels

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A few weeks ago, just a few days before my 39th birthday, I decided to take the day off and did a bit of shopping. As I was browsing the bookstores, a fiction book about angels caught my attention. :mrgreen: One of the best things about the stories was the focus on Christmas time; my FAVOURITE season of all.

The author is the inspiring Debbie Macomber. Her stories are so heartwarming they uplift my spirit. I wish I could see angels as some of the characters in her books could. Must be so awesome!

So here are my angelic intervention book collection (so far):

Her stories continue to inspire me. I hope the next time you go to a bookstore, you’ll stumble into one of the angels - who knows, you’ll fall in love with them, just like I have. ;)

Selamat Hari Malaysia

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I am grateful being a Sabahan in Malaysia. I am grateful for my roots in Penampang. I am grateful for who I am and what I have.

Yes, there are many challenges and issues in our own country; as with the rest of the world having issues in theirs too (some bigger and more, more severe). But that doesn’t stop me from being grateful for all the good things we have at home.

There is always hope for us and in us. I’ve been reminded today that “if there is no hope, the people perish”.

Selamat Hari Malaysia to fellow Malaysians.

Malaysia Flag, Malaysia Flag

To Friend or Not To Friend, That is the Question

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I know it all depends on the individual (it’s their choice anyway) but honestly, I do find it quite odd when some Malaysians do not mingle with other fellow countrymen when living overseas.

There must be reasons for that, huh? Perhaps they want to ‘take a break’ from being friends with other Malaysians? Or is it because they prefer making friends with other nationalities only (they are going back to Malaysia anyways, and there are millions of Malaysians back home… :mrgreen: )?

For me, there ought to be a balance. We can be friends with other Malaysians AND other nationalities. No problem in that. This will help us grow as a person. You still learn new things. :)

Wokay.. That’s my early morning rant. :mrgreen: Have a super great day!

(feeling more patriotic now that Malaysia Day is coming soon : 16 September). ;) is 5!

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Time really flies! I know I’m utterly slow in the blogging department but still, I want to keep this blog of mine. :mrgreen:

I began blogging exactly five years ago! Wow wee!! My entries have been and are still anything random about everyday life. :D And I need to update my friends’ blog list soon! :mrgreen:

By the way, it’s been nearly 5 months since we got here. We have settled in, and so far so good. Kids are enjoying school a lot. Weather is getting a bit ‘warmer’, because spring is here! But it rains quite a lot though.. I look forward to the blooming and colourful flowers all over Hamilton. :)

Stay blessed!

Fun for Free

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One of the things I appreciate being in NZ is the availability of fantastic playgrounds and parks. It’s what I call fun for free activity and the kids simply love it. We love having picnics by the lake or parks with playgrounds.

Some great things in life are still free. ;)

The Battle of Me

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After giving birth to my 3 kids over the period of 9 years, I have stacked like millions (okay, that’s an exaggeration but it felt like so…) of kilos and losing them was a tall order! Friends who knew me before my pregnancy got shocked to see my obvious physical changes. I was upset (naturally) receiving comments like “Oh my, punya gumuk kau skarang!” (Oh my, you are so fat now!).

But since my hubby and I were planning to have 3 kids, I ‘postponed’ the plan to lose weight after each birth until the last one (with a reason that even if I lost the weight, I’d put them on again in no time being pregnant!). I’ve always known that losing weight is part of being healthy, and of course, I wanted to.

So, one fine day, in March 2010 (my 3rd baby was born in May 2009), I read up (seriously) about losing weight and decided to eat oats and count calories everyday. I never believed in taking slimming supplements mainly because I feel it’s a waste of money (I’d rather save the money for books and travelling). I know some people are advocates and are oh-so loyal of slimming supplements but hey, that’s individual decision. (By the way I dislike it when they sell me stuff like that.. :mrgreen: )

And so, I followed my eating regime for about a year and in total, lost about 7-8 kilos! Families and friends started commenting how I’ve lost weight. But still, at that time, I was still overweight. My weight loss became stagnant until I discovered Dukan Diet. ;) My old friend from uni told me about it in January 2012 and without wasting time, I started it on 19 January. It is a high protein and low carbs diet, taking oat bran everyday. I followed it (almost) religiously for 3 months and lo and behold, I lost nearly 10 kilos! :D I am consolidating my new weight now and I am pleased to say my BMI is well within the normal range. Although my weight is not my pre-pregnancy weight, I am still happy with my achievement. ;) My hubby doesn’t want me to lose more because I’d look haggard, he says. I totally believe him. :mrgreen:

So here’s me in December 2011:

And this was taken in May 2012 ;)

I believe that once we set our mind on something, we can achieve it as long as we persevere and be disciplined. And not making excuses all the time…. :mrgreen:

Coffee and Me

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I love the smell and strong aroma of coffee. I love its taste even more. :mrgreen: For me, the smell and taste awaken the senses, especially in the mornings. I drink coffee at night too. And I still can sleep. ;)

I may not know the minute details of the origins of coffee, the different types, etc but I know enough to understand the impact it has on people throughout the world. When I pass by cafes or kadai kupi that brew or serve fresh coffee, I would automatically savour the aroma. Mmmmmh…

Coffee has taught me something too. When life puts us in a tough situation, like coffee, we should change the colour of the hot water. We should find ways to overcome the situation. ;)

By the way, I got myself a coffee plunger recently. Even that got me all happy. :mrgreen: I would love to buy a coffee machine one day. I should have a piggy bank especially for that, shouldn’t I? ;)

Enjoying Their Homework

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Shania and Ted are enjoying their new school tremendously.

They are in school 9am-3pm Mondays-Fridays. When they get home, they are happy to do their homework. Why? Simply because it doesn’t stress them out. :mrgreen: Ted gets a book to read as his homework. How fun is that? Shania gets a homework list to do within two weeks. The activities are fun to do, so it’s more like funwork for her. One of them is to share about her groceries shopping experience with Mum or Dad, and to compare whether it was cheap or expensive.

It is a different schooling system back home for sure. It’s a great opportunity for them to experience a different system here. I hope when we return home in 3 years’ time, they will be able to adapt to the system back home, again. ;)

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